Scottish Winter Climbing And Mountaineering Routes in Scotland UKScottish Winter Climbing And Mountaineering Routes in Scotland UK
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Aonach Air Crith from North Glen Shiel.
Aonach Air Crith Map Photos
The north ridge of Aonach Air Crith, which means 'ridge of trembling', is the highlight of this airy circuit above a spectacular corrie that would not look out of place in the Alps.
Area: Northwest Highlands, Glen Shiel
Grade: Winter I   what does that mean?
Total Distance: 9 km
Total Ascent: 1000 m
Time: 5½ hours
  • Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 Sheet 33
  • Ordnance Survey Explorer 414
  • Harvey Superwalker Kintail (Glen Shiel)
  • Avalanche hazard: This is a relatively safe route.
    Avalanche Forecast area: SAIS do not currently issue a forecast covering this area. The nearest forecast area is Lochaber and the observations are made at Ben Nevis and Aonach Mor, which are around 40 km away.   more
    Tips: If the rivers are in spate, this route may be infeasible as there are no bridges.
  • You could ascend Aonach Air Crith via the NE ridge of A’ Chioch, passing just under the craggy ground to ascend on the western side of the ridge.
  • From the summit of Moal Chinn Dearg, you could extend the day by continuing along the South Glen Shiel ridge to Sgurr Coire na Feinne and decending by the Druim Coire Nan Thollaidh.
  • Start 

    Park in a layby about 3 km west of the Cluanie Inn on the A87 running through Glen Shiel.

    Grid Reference NH043114.

    Aonach Air Crith (1021) 

    Walk east along the road for about 400 metres and head over moorland towards the NNW ridge of Aonach Air Crith, crossing a couple of large streams before the ground steepens. Ascend steeping ground which develops into the broad NNW ridge. Higher up, the crest becomes rocky but it is possible to bypass the difficulties on the right hand (W) side.

    Eventually, another ridge joins from your left (E) and the main ridge starts to narrow. This part of the ridge is marked Druim Na Ciche on some maps. As the ground gets more technical, it may be necessary to bypass rocky steps on the right but try to regain the crest as soon as is feasible. In particular, there is a section close to the summit of Aonach Air Crith, with steep slabs on the right, where it is best to stick to the crest.

    After this section, you reach easy snow slopes which bring you out at the summit cairn of Aonach Air Crith.

    Maol Chinn-Dearg (981) 

    Join the main ridge and proceed west to Maol Chinn-Dearg, the next summit along. From here, descend the NNE ridge, marked as Druim Coire Nan Eirecheanach


    The Druim Coire Nan Eirecheanach brings you out on a good path leading back to the car.

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