Scottish Winter Climbing And Mountaineering Routes in Scotland UKScottish Winter Climbing And Mountaineering Routes in Scotland UK
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Narrow section, high on Sron na Lairig.
Sron na Lairig Map Photos
An enjoyable ridge route comprising easy rock steps and short snow pitches leading to a narrow ridge, reminiscent of the Aonach Eagach.
Area: Central Highlands, Glencoe
Grade: Winter II   what does that mean?
Total Distance: 11 km
Total Ascent: 875 m
Time: 6 hours
  • Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 Sheet 41
  • Ordnance Survey Explorer 384
  • Harvey Superwalker Glen Coe Map (1:25,000).
  • Avalanche hazard: Best avoided after heavy snowfall. The approach slopes and, in particular, the descent gully are avalanche prone. The exit slopes at the top of Sron na Lairig could also be dangerous.
    Avalanche Forecast area: Glencoe   more
    Gear: A 50-metre rope, a small set of nuts and a couple of slings.

    Park in a large parking area on the south side of the A82 in Glencoe, just east of 'The Study' and the bridge over the River Coe.

    Grid Reference NN188563.


    The Lairig Eilde path starts at the back of the parking area. Follow this excellent path for about 2.5 km before leaving it to head across the moor to the foot of Sron Na Lairig.

    Sron na Lairig 

    At the start of the ridge, there is a large inverted v-shaped groove, which has a large slab on its right hand side. Avoid the groove and slab by heading up easier, broken ground to their right, where there is optional scrambling over small rock steps. When a large rock outcrop blocks the way, head for a rightward slanting groove to the extreme right of the outcrop. Climb the groove which, assuming it has snow in it, gives a nice, easy pitch.

    Immediately regain the crest of the ridge and continue a short distance before reaching another steep outcrop. This time, head slightly left and ascend a shallow gully.

    Regain the crest, which is followed more easily from hereon. There are a number of narrow sections and on one particular section, close to the end, it may be best to straddle the ridge with one leg either side! Continue up the exit slopes to join the main ridge leading to Stob Coire Sgreamhach.

    Stob Coire Sgreamhach (1072 m) 

    To climb the munro, follow the ridge right,initially ENE veering to N at the summit. Watch out for a number of in-cut gullies and large cornices that may be present.


    From the summit of Stob Coire Sgreamhach, retrace your steps to the top of Sron na Lairig and continue past it to reach a col about 500 metres beyond (NN164528). Head left (NE) and descend into a gully, sticking to the left (west) bank when the gully becomes too steep to follow directly.


    Continue north-east along the Lairig Eilde, rejoin the path and return to the start.

    Alternative Descent 

    In good visibility and snow conditions, it is possible to descend from Stob Coire Sgreamhach via the Beinn Fhada ridge. There is a difficult step just before the first col (bear right) and you should descend into Lairig Eilde before reaching the steep nose of the ridge.

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